Just Funk It

Rob Brinson to Exhibit at the Jennifer Balcos Gallery December 16th through January 9th. 


ATLANTA, GA (November 24th, 2021) – Photographer, Artist, Educator, and Visionary, Rob Brinson, invites you to escape into an aberration of reality in his new, bold, and colorful Exhibition, Just Funk It, this November at the Jennifer Balcos Gallery. 


Brinson's Exhibition, titled Just Funk It, will be presented alongside museum-quality installations from Thursday, December 16th to Sunday, January 9th at the Jennifer Balcos Gallery - one of Atlanta's premier showcases for international and emerging contemporary art and multi-disciplinary creatives. Jennifer Balcos, Gallery Founder, is the curator of the Exhibition and renowned for her uncanny ability to forecast new visual trends and commitment to fostering her roster of talent. The Exhibition will showcase Brinson's artwork concerned with the aberration of reality, fleeting moments, and the intuitive evolution of the image from ordinary to extraordinary by just funking it


Rob Brinson's Just Funk It is a double innuendo devised to be interpreted literally and figuratively by combining a description of the artist's process with a twist of something suggestive. He has combined his background in fashion photography with a bold photo illustration effect that funks it all up from reality. Inspired by renowned photographers, such as Guyvion and Chris Langenheim. Rob uses fashion as a vehicle of creative freedom and expression, controlling the process from start to finish to create bold, one-of-a-kind, awe-inspiring bodies of work. Continue reading as we interview the artists and unveil the themes that define his newest Exhibition; Just Funk It. 


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