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Cullum's notebook: 6.28.2021

The newer Jennifer Balcos Gallery, formerly in ADAC, has staged a grand opening in its new space on Howell Mill Road with a body of work that includes Karen Schwartz’s monumental portrait of John Lewis, Jeffrey Wilcox Paclipan’s cosmic images of collaged jigsaw puzzle pieces and Sabre Esler’s striking translations into abstract wire-and-plexiglass geometry of such musical compositions as Fats Waller’s “Effervescent.” Lynx Nguyen has contributed individual works of art and a meditation space in which the walls are covered with lines of text in Bulgarian. SOURCE.


At Jennifer Balcos Gallery: Karen Schwartz's large portrait (above) of Congressman John Lewis and (below) Lynx Nguyen's meditation space


292 S County Rd
Palm Beach , Fl 33480
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