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If you’re among those longing to spruce up your space, it’s smart to rely on skilled practitioners. We tapped six interior designers, home experts and gallerists for their predictions about interior design’s biggest trends for 2021. Here, they share their thoughts on how to get the looks they think will be en vogue this year.

Jennifer Balcos
Gallerist, Jennifer Balcos Gallery

TOP TREND: Pop art, with its bold colors and cheeky subjects, will be increasingly popular this year, Balcos says. “With 2020 being such a tumultuous year, art is playing a huge role in adding joy to any household. Pop art will be on the rise as buyers strive for fun [in their homes]. It has been around since the ’50s, so it crosses many generations and can resonate with any audience.”

HOW TO IMPLEMENT IT: “The Good Life” by Nelson De La Nuez, available at Jennifer Balcos Gallery. Price available upon request.

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