Christopher Martin

Christopher Martin

Christopher Martin is an American artist based in Aspen, Colorado.  He is widely known for his large-scale reverse-glass paintings -  harnessing brushes, wind, heat, and gravity.  Bold yet meditative, dynamic, and serene, Martin's works harness nature's passions and intricate subtleties. Christopher has been creating works for nearly 30 years and is showcased in over 80 cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Puerto Vallarta, Stockholm, and Hong Kong. 

Nature informs much of Martin’s methods, subjects, colors, and strokes layered behind acrylic panes.  He often uses gravity and evaporation to pull layer upon layer of water paint, resulting in strict, painterly lines with entropy to form what Martin calls “organic expressionism.” Wide sweeping arcs and intricate lattices are the signature of Martin’s work, while his generous, bold abstractions explore time and space, probing the very nature of existence. 

Joan McLoughlin of The McLoughlin Gallery said, “Martin’s paintings enable the viewer to escape the chaotic nature of today’s world and slip into the familiar and nutritive surroundings of nature, achieving a sense of calm and security.” 

Martin’s work has appeared in numerous international galleries and showings, notably The 55th Venice Biennale group exhibition Personal Structures, Time, Space & Existence in Venice, Italy.  “Personal Structures enabled me to expand the scope of my work further, literally and figuratively, sharing my inspiring relationship with nature and the rest of the world in Venice,” Martin said.

Martin has collaborated with fashion brands, world-renowned hotels and restaurants, and the Formula One Track in Austin, Texas. In 2021, he was commissioned to create the largest reverse glass painting in North America; at 120 feet, it ran the entire length of the Grandstand Lounge at the Formula One Track. “Velocity” reflects the virtuosity, modernity, and speed of a fast-paced society and the world’s most prestigious racing event.

After almost three decades in the art world, the artist, gallerist, and curator has expanded his horizons into a new chapter of his artistic career.  With his flagship galleries in Dallas and Aspen, Martin merges his Texas heritage and Rocky Mountain lifestyle, symbolizing where Martin is today and his exciting journey. He is represented by Art Angels in Los Angeles, California; Avant-Art Gallery in Houston, Texas; Chase Edwards Gallery in Bridgehampton, New York; and Florida at State of the Arts in Sarasota; and Jenifer Balcos Gallery in Palm Beach.

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